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Upcoming Events and Chess Tournaments:

Please note that the Flagstaff Chess website is not affiliating with the USCF due to a significant moral/ethical policy change in the July 2018 issue of ChessLife.*

However Flagstaff Chess encourages folks from all walks of life to sit down together and enjoy the Royal Game.
Be who you were created to be.  Play fair, be honest.  Don't cheat yourself and don't cheat others.

Here are some FREE, no membership required chess opportunities:

Stop by Bookman's on Wednesdays 5-9pm for casual pick up games.

Also Your Pie Pizza (by Staples) Mondays 6-9pm.

Buy some food or drink to say "Thanks" to the proprieters for allowing us a safe place to play.

Playing Chess at Macy's coffee shop in Flagstaff

*The United States Chess Federation announced that it will allow men who pretend to be women to play in women's only sections and tournaments.   Also known as their new 'transgender policy'.    The USCF board of directors seems to have forgotten that gender is deterimined by chormosones and not by choice.  XX = a woman, and XY = a man.  Until the USCF removes their illogical policy, and restores the uniqness of feamle only tournaments and female only prize awards, Flagstaff Chess will not support the USCF.   Flagstaff chess recognizes the uniqueness of females and their under-representation in the chess world. 




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